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Our Pricing Scale

Action Plumbing and Heating uses a pricing scale different from some of our competitors. We use a "Time and Material" method of pricing where you pay us for only the actual hours worked and only the materials used. A lot of companies today use a pricing method called 'Fixed Rate' where they advertise it to be more cost effective because they can give you an exact price before doing any work and sometimes without even seeing the job to be done. Fixed Rate pricing is when companies take an estimate of any job based on a worst case scenario, including after hour charges, but we know that most cases are not worst case scenarios. We at Action know that worst case scenarios are rare and feel that it's unfair to charge you a fixed price for a job that will not cost us as much and therefore we bill you for only the materials and labor that are necessary to get the job done. What does this mean to you? Simply that you will likely pay less for the same, if not better, quality of work.